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Another book finished

Well, running NaNo really paid off, as I just found I have nailed down yet another book.  It was a massive writing spurt, 4 hours each day every day for  3 weeks, summing a grand total of 72755 words, 191 pages … Continue reading

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Writing Tip of the day: gems and shyte

By now you have bounced from things you have written that are awesome to things that were complete shyte. This is normal. Ignore the temptation to start rewriting now that you are well underway, just make sidenotes here and there … Continue reading

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Foothold of Tethys Free Download!

I just wanted to note that I have put my first science fiction book up for free download. I did this because I believe in free sharing of information and because people who download free Ebooks are unlikely to buy … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Tips: sidetracking

As time progresses, around this date you might find yourself distracted by all new exciting idea’s. For me it is the reappearance of an old wish to write and design a tabletop roleplaying system and become immensely rich and successful. … Continue reading

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Telepathic problems

Having three telepaths talk to each other by thought while the MC cannot hear what they are thinking is pretty tricky. I have to describe the conversation in body language and what he is actually told while still making some … Continue reading

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Some tips about Facebook for better writing

Some tips to make Facebook less of a distraction when writing. Turning off Facebook is not going to help as in the back of your mind you will keep wondering if someone has posted something. That is why I suggest … Continue reading

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A simple man – poem/lyrics from Foothold of Tethys

Some Foothold of Tethys this time. I just found I wanted to share this. 🙂 ‘He had been just a simple man born way back in the line who according to the people never stood much in shine. He wasn’t … Continue reading

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