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Teaser – Here be Dragons

Sometimes I just amaze myself. 🙂 “I have burned all my bridges and ships behind me, and found I was on an island. I don’t expect anyone to come and save me, but you… you can still be saved.” These … Continue reading

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Just some fun math for writers and editors to get some perspective.

With 365 days in a year and it taking at least 6 months to write a book if the writer spends 5 hours a day on it and then following editing and rewriting for 3 months, also for 5 hours … Continue reading

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Followers, fans and friends, a tribute

I am pretty much amazed that after only four months writing blogs on WordPress and only one doing Twitter, both feeding through each other onto my Facebook page, I have found almost a hundred followers of my blog and eleven … Continue reading

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The Art of Cleaning in order to Write

As previously stated in earlier blogs that writing eludes me, today I went back to cleaning, as I find that through scrubbing and vacuuming my mind clears and I can think of what I want to say. In fact this … Continue reading

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This is how I write – a daily routine: Creating the mindset to write

In the morning my wife gets up at 5 and leaves at 7, giving me a quick kiss before she goes. I roll over and sleep in for another hour or two, after which I get up and make myself … Continue reading

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Lack of writing because of thoughts about death, gaming and religion

I find that in the week after my brothers death and funeral, which all happened quite suddenly and quite fast, I cannot find the focus to write. Quite honestly part of me cannot yet believe and accept that he is … Continue reading

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Everybody is looking to get paid

Everybody is looking to get paid There is no kindness anymore When you ask for friendship they just show you the door. Everybody is distrusting It’s in everyone you meet Grandma puts her purse on her other arm when you help … Continue reading

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Day 23: Back on Track

In starting a book I had been thinking about for the longest time for casual writing, I hit 3500 words in little under 2 hours. Current total word count 86.286 including finishing one complete book front to back and writing … Continue reading

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Day 23: finishing up old novels

I know I am weird, but hidden under my rock I found I had a lot of books which just needed a conclusive chapter, including things I wrote last year. Most even had all the material, but I never put … Continue reading

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Day 23: Cheating

I thought it was important to note that I have started cheating my numbers. In flipping back through my Blog posts I found I had so many notes on NaNoWriMo that I decided to make that a book in itself, … Continue reading

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