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Vraag en Antwoord

(Sorry peeps, this one is in Dutch for my possible next stage performance, but you can find the basic script of this at Q & A, Ode to Wendy) Ik heb een boek geschreven over schrijven, mijn techniek, over uitgeven, … Continue reading

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This is how I NaNo

So, yeah… this has also been a repeated question I have received, simply because when I state my word-count for the day, people tend to freak out. Especially when I said I might do a double NaNo (for those who … Continue reading

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Q & A (also known as: Ode to Wendy)

So when people find out I write, I always get the same questions. 1. Have you published, 2. Have I read any of your work? and 3. Can you live off it? These answers are quite simple. 1. yes, 2. … Continue reading

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