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Day 23: finishing up old novels

I know I am weird, but hidden under my rock I found I had a lot of books which just needed a conclusive chapter, including things I wrote last year. Most even had all the material, but I never put … Continue reading

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As NaNo is pressing on and the end of it is on the horizon, I believe it is time for some self-reflection. Now this piece is not to bum you out and to get you to stop writing, but to … Continue reading

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Another book finished

Well, running NaNo really paid off, as I just found I have nailed down yet another book.  It was a massive writing spurt, 4 hours each day every day for  3 weeks, summing a grand total of 72755 words, 191 pages … Continue reading

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Foothold of Tethys Free Download!

I just wanted to note that I have put my first science fiction book up for free download. I did this because I believe in free sharing of information and because people who download free Ebooks are unlikely to buy … Continue reading

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