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26-05-2015 Personal note: Writing Sungod aka Here Be Dragons

‘It was well over two months after we got stranded when people began to realize we were not going to get rescued. Less and less the look-out was manned as all this time we hadn’t seen any sign of ships, … Continue reading

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Pet peeves

I have two pet peeves with which you can annoy the hell out of me. Say any one of these, to my face or even near me, and everything in me immediately will go ‘Move along, nothing to see here, … Continue reading

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I, Generalist

As I am looking around to how successful business are run, or even the people who post blogs and critiques on Youtube, to me one thing stands out above all else as it is the one thing I am missing … Continue reading

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Followers, fans and friends, a tribute

I am pretty much amazed that after only four months writing blogs on WordPress and only one doing Twitter, both feeding through each other onto my Facebook page, I have found almost a hundred followers of my blog and eleven … Continue reading

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The Art of Cleaning in order to Write

As previously stated in earlier blogs that writing eludes me, today I went back to cleaning, as I find that through scrubbing and vacuuming my mind clears and I can think of what I want to say. In fact this … Continue reading

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This is how I write – a daily routine: Creating the mindset to write

In the morning my wife gets up at 5 and leaves at 7, giving me a quick kiss before she goes. I roll over and sleep in for another hour or two, after which I get up and make myself … Continue reading

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Everybody is looking to get paid

Everybody is looking to get paid There is no kindness anymore When you ask for friendship they just show you the door. Everybody is distrusting It’s in everyone you meet Grandma puts her purse on her other arm when you help … Continue reading

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