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NaNoWriMo Tips: sidetracking

As time progresses, around this date you might find yourself distracted by all new exciting idea’s. For me it is the reappearance of an old wish to write and design a tabletop roleplaying system and become immensely rich and successful. … Continue reading

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Some tips about Facebook for better writing

Some tips to make Facebook less of a distraction when writing. Turning off Facebook is not going to help as in the back of your mind you will keep wondering if someone has posted something. That is why I suggest … Continue reading

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Writing: using speech patterns

Good… some more advice I have found quite handy: using Speech patterns. It can be quite tricky to keep a conversation on the page flowing and still show who says what. I have found that speech patterning works quite well … Continue reading

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NaNo 1/3rd

It is my experience that around this time you NaNo writers have either reached an exulting point of no return or a pit of desperation. To those running along quietly and are on track I say good job. Keep going. … Continue reading

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10 minute Drawing Charlotte Cuevas

So I have this weird little hobby called 10 minute drawing, in which I take a picture and just let go in drawing it, but I only have 10 minutes to do it. If I like what it has become, … Continue reading

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Goliath Crew manifest (1of2)

As I was writing Exodus of Mars, I found I needed a manifest of crew members of at least the command crew. As a Captain of a battleship, you would know these names as you have been through a lot … Continue reading

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This is how I NaNo

So, yeah… this has also been a repeated question I have received, simply because when I state my word-count for the day, people tend to freak out. Especially when I said I might do a double NaNo (for those who … Continue reading

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