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Teaser – Here be Dragons

Sometimes I just amaze myself. 🙂 “I have burned all my bridges and ships behind me, and found I was on an island. I don’t expect anyone to come and save me, but you… you can still be saved.” These … Continue reading

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28-05-2015: new teaser for ‘Here be Dragons’

There is an old Cherokee parable I believe in above all other things. It is about two wolves who live inside of you. The first one is a good noble wolf that represents joy, hope, love, peace, serenity, humility, kindness, … Continue reading

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26-05-2015 Personal note: Writing Sungod aka Here Be Dragons

‘It was well over two months after we got stranded when people began to realize we were not going to get rescued. Less and less the look-out was manned as all this time we hadn’t seen any sign of ships, … Continue reading

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