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As NaNo is pressing on and the end of it is on the horizon, I believe it is time for some self-reflection. Now this piece is not to bum you out and to get you to stop writing, but to … Continue reading

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Some tips about Facebook for better writing

Some tips to make Facebook less of a distraction when writing. Turning off Facebook is not going to help as in the back of your mind you will keep wondering if someone has posted something. That is why I suggest … Continue reading

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Hi all. This is a personal message to all of you. As I am suddenly up to 42 followers, oh myyy, I found I was curious about you. I would love to hear from you, which is why I have … Continue reading

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NaNo 1/3rd

It is my experience that around this time you NaNo writers have either reached an exulting point of no return or a pit of desperation. To those running along quietly and are on track I say good job. Keep going. … Continue reading

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10 minute Drawing Charlotte Cuevas

So I have this weird little hobby called 10 minute drawing, in which I take a picture and just let go in drawing it, but I only have 10 minutes to do it. If I like what it has become, … Continue reading

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Goliath Crew manifest (1of2)

As I was writing Exodus of Mars, I found I needed a manifest of crew members of at least the command crew. As a Captain of a battleship, you would know these names as you have been through a lot … Continue reading

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Robots go to war

At daybreak a column of twenty Mechs* and nearly a hundred Saters* crossed the city, loaded with just about everything that was not bolted down in the factory. They marched in perfect order, which made windows tremble and woke people … Continue reading

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