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26-05-2015 Personal note: Writing Sungod aka Here Be Dragons

‘It was well over two months after we got stranded when people began to realize we were not going to get rescued. Less and less the look-out was manned as all this time we hadn’t seen any sign of ships, … Continue reading

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This is how I write – a daily routine: Creating the mindset to write

In the morning my wife gets up at 5 and leaves at 7, giving me a quick kiss before she goes. I roll over and sleep in for another hour or two, after which I get up and make myself … Continue reading

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Foothold of Tethys Free Download!

I just wanted to note that I have put my first science fiction book up for free download. I did this because I believe in free sharing of information and because people who download free Ebooks are unlikely to buy … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Tips: sidetracking

As time progresses, around this date you might find yourself distracted by all new exciting idea’s. For me it is the reappearance of an old wish to write and design a tabletop roleplaying system and become immensely rich and successful. … Continue reading

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Selling Books (and Public Relations)

These days it is tricky as a self-published author, or actually as any author, to get your book noticed, let alone sold, and don’t even get me started how to get bookshops to stock them. Publishing as it is is … Continue reading

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AuthorAuthor Writers Group

As I am getting more and more likes and followers, I would like the opportunity to invite all writers who are looking for free publicity to join the Facebook group AuthorAuthor, where together we create cheap paperbacks and free of charge … Continue reading

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Exodus of Mars – a little first peek into the story

1.      If only   ‘Approaching target from the sun side. ninety kilometers. eighty kilometers. Seventy.’ ‘Launch fighters.’ ‘Fighters launched. Fifty-five… fifty kilometers.’ ‘Retro’s?’ The question hung in the air as captain Noble eyed the new bridge recruit and then turned … Continue reading

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Children of the Moon

Well, it’s official… the basic story for Children of the Moon, prequel to Foothold of Tethys is finished. Here is the current cover:   The story follows Danielle Andrews  in one of the darkest times for the people living under … Continue reading

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Children of the Moon basic story finished

Fck… I think I just finished the first prequel to Foothold of Tethys, Children of the Moon. :S Everything that is left to say is just background noise to this point of the story and will only kill the story. … Continue reading

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