Street Ballet

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This is the story I found within the dancers at the shoot itself:

A young witch (red skirt) is scorned for her love of two brothers (white shirts). In her search for revenge she calls forth the Daughter of Death (gold in center) to bring the brothers to their knees and teach them humility.
The younger brother (mid-top) is easily seduced by a woman (grey leotard leaning into him) who was touched by the Daughter of Death as from that moment on her game is to seduce (new victim is top right) when ever the younger brother is not looking (see posing). The older brother (mid center) is not so easily swayed as he already knows love (mid left), but leaves her for the love of the Daughter of Death herself. Loving the Daughter of Death drains him of strength (white face) and he dies, disappearing hand in hand with the Daughter of Death into hell as his soul is corrupted.

I am yet unsure how this story would end…  I think if  the Daughter of Death returns to hell the hold she has over the temptress is broken. As the damage between the temptress and the younger brother is already done, he might find solace in the arms to the newly seduced, both having been victims in this cruel game. If in Hell the Daughter of Death sees that she was called unfairly and for selfish reasons, she might take pity on the older brother and restore his life or let her hold of him go so he can go to Heaven, and might even  go after the witch… who knows. I am grinning here because if would make an awesome last scene… As the older brother is let go and walks into the light *exit stage left*… lights die out on stage and people think it’s over… lights flare up with clap of thunder and the witch is eye to eye with the Daughter of Death, a scream as the Daughter of Death throws herself upon her victim, lights out. I have never seen that happen in ballet EVER!


It would make it an intense performance for both the dancers and the musicians, divided into three acts, 15 minutes each.

1: ‘Scorn and Summoning’,
2: ‘(For the Love of) Seduction’
3: ‘What is Left (is not Right)’
(of course all titles would be translated into Italian just to make them sound awesome :P).

In my mind all of this would have to fit within the 45 minutes of Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5, which you can find below.

Will this piece ever be performed for real? Might another photo-shoot tell this story in pictures? Who knows. Stranger things have happened in my life than this. 🙂 I am game to help with the storyline if you are willing to perform it. 🙂

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