Though for me photography and film are closely linked, it takes an entirely different skill-sets to make ‘moving pictures’ work from behind camera, to direct and situate circumstances for the perfect shot, and then to edit them to a final product.

My objective is simple though, to show with any means that culture and art is not dead due to all the governmental budget cuts, but still alive and well in the country’s capitol. For this, I ask 2 euro per minute of recording time, which purely covers my expenses and equipment, and includes all editing into a final product ready for Youtube, website, or presentation.

Together with own home-studio for private recordings and greenscreen, the setup is totally mobile, which means I am one of the few studios who can take recording ‘on the road’.

Here is an example of one of my projects, which is an homage to the silent movie era, but upgraded to modern style and recording quality. The aim of the short film is not to tell a story, but to connect to your own memories and feelings.

For more information about my video work, see



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