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Rant: Storytelling

I got into a discussion yesterday which basically was around the question: What is storytelling? To me the meaning is as the word states: the telling of a story. But what it doesn’t say is how. You have basically two … Continue reading

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Mini-story: Scene at Starbucks

A little Storytelling piece I wrote which will probably never make it on stage… But still I don’t want to just throw it away. Scene at Starbucks There is a girl In front of the Starbucks coffeeshop She huddles in … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Curse

Well, today I finished sorting my notebooks for stories and the end total is 55, each story now with their own notepad, and I am not counting the numerous digital files in my storage folder. If I never get an … Continue reading

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Youtube webcasts about Origins of Fairytales

Lately I have been thinking about doing a Youtube webcast on the origin of fairy-tales. All my life I have been fascinated with them and by having spent much of my childhood in libraries, so much even that I got … Continue reading

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