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How to safeguard your written work from property theft

Want to know how to secure your document from copyright infringement for only a fraction of the cost? Then keep watching. By using common household items in seven easy steps I will show you how to secure yourself against theft … Continue reading

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This is how I write – a daily routine: Creating the mindset to write

In the morning my wife gets up at 5 and leaves at 7, giving me a quick kiss before she goes. I roll over and sleep in for another hour or two, after which I get up and make myself … Continue reading

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The AfterNaNo

I always find that after November, words come less easy to me as I write on. Maybe the November writing spurt does have it’s drawbacks in word-depletion, or maybe this is my normal level of writing and I am just … Continue reading

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Day 28: The end?

So what can I say after all that as a final post? This is my life as a writer, and actually the lives of many writers I know. Writing is not easy. It is a mind that never stops, it … Continue reading

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Day 27: Done!

I say it again. DONE! By writing down my inspiration for my tabletop roleplaying system, I have hit 100,009 words, Double NaNo. Good thing too, as this weekend was going to be a busy one. As I continue writing on … Continue reading

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snippet NowhereLand

I am having so much fun… a man is telling an elderly Scottish woman he works for fixing things that in his spare time he is working on an old water boiler. I read the woman’s voice as Maggie Smith … Continue reading

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Day 24: Smiling

And just like that, the depression is gone as I have found a new story. It is actually quite beautiful as it all just comes together and not like anything I have written before. The basis is so simple it … Continue reading

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