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Movie Review: The Theory of Everything (2014)

Though I believe the theory of Stephen Hawkins contains great merit, I also believe that this movie does not. TO be totally honest I would much rather sit through that annoying piece of tripe called 50 Shades of Grey than … Continue reading

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One month ago

A month has passed since my older and only brother died due to a brain aneurysm and it feels like it has been three months, not one. I am still not the same as before, my mind still drifting off regularly … Continue reading

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The Terror called Christmas

As Christmas rolls around again, I watch it approach with dread as to me it means days filled with people I don’t know how to talk to and some even people I have nothing to say to. To me, honestly, … Continue reading

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The life of an unsuccessful writer: an interview with myself

As I was dealing with disgruntled people commenting me on my semicare-free life-style, I found I was lacking an answer and it was keeping me up at night. As I know I can get these depressive thoughts late at night, … Continue reading

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NowhereLand bit

I just love the visuals of this… I can almost see the camera positions and switches between them, as I watch most movies from a director/writer standpoint.   Following her in she went upstairs and into the master bedroom of … Continue reading

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Day 28: The end?

So what can I say after all that as a final post? This is my life as a writer, and actually the lives of many writers I know. Writing is not easy. It is a mind that never stops, it … Continue reading

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Day 24: Smiling

And just like that, the depression is gone as I have found a new story. It is actually quite beautiful as it all just comes together and not like anything I have written before. The basis is so simple it … Continue reading

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