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This will be a re-release of the original Ailin and the Sidhe as it should have been written, edited and published according to the author.

As young princess Ailin hears voices in her sleep, the messages spoken start to come true. Believing she is a prophet for the Sidhe, a mysterious and ever-living race from the old times, she follows their call when they tell her it is time to leave home.

Though a lot of work still needs to be done, I am hopeful to publish this book in 2016.

exodus of mars4Exodus of Mars is about the continued exploitation of the workforce living on colonies outside of Earth and the temporary job systems that have taken hold. In the end this could only result in a revolt for which soldiers are hired to suppress the masses. But when all is quiet and the salaries are withheld of the ones who were hired to protect the people and capture illegal transports, things take a turn for the worse.

Being the third and final book in the Foothold of Tethys series, it goes into more detail about the start of the revolution of Foothold of Tethys and deals with breaking out of the preset mold our lives have become. It serves as the setup on how Grimz and Chuckles would have lived and explains why they are who they are.


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