Martin van Houwelingen, born in 1970 in Halfweg (NH), the Netherlands, lives in Amsterdam with his wife Wendy and two cats,  and spends his life following his passions of creating while trying his best to keep the house in some kind of decent order.

‘Following a life of passions is not something everyone is cut out to do. It means sleepless nights, constant distractions and mood swings, all while trying to make rent and have enough left to eat. But if you are like me, with creativity and stories bursting in your mind, then you know you can only be truly happy when you are creating something that wasn’t there before.

So write, and write well.
Write when you are happy,
Write when you are sad,
Write when there is nothing,
Write when you are longing,
Write when you are full.
And when there is nothing left to write,
then go to bed,
and dream.’


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