2015 movie review – The Martian

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good movie. It’s a thrill-packed informative as well as entertaining story of a man left behind.

But having said that there are some problems with it I’d like to discuss.

Technical problems? No, as far as I know theoretically, and that is saying a lot for a SciFi writer, the movie was knitted together quite nicely, though doing the Iron Man maneuver seems lightly unlikely… they even say so in the movie.

My problem with it is that the movies tries everything to make NASA look good without diminishing what they stand for. The problem with NASA and missions to Mars is that they cannot guarantee a safe return, which is one of the main things NASA promises: we will bring back everyone we send out into space (accidents not withstanding).  But the missions to Mars bring such obstacles that this promise cannot be kept, and this is why, I believe, we have not set foot on Mars yet. NASA is holding on too tightly to theory and not to practice that human kind has evolved by taking risks and consequential casualties. How many died trying to reach the new continent before Columbus sailed to America? No information available, though it is a fact that the Vikings were there before Columbus ever did. And Columbus knew there was land out there, he just thought it was part of the Indies (if my history lessons don’t fail me).

And this is my biggest problem with the movie: it is massively pro-American and a desperate attempt to blow new life into the NASA project. Where NASA fails to make a decision one man decides to let people who are immensely bias make the choice, so that NASA is not to blame for anything (can someone yell ‘Lone Gunman Theory’ please?).

But personally I think: fuck NASA. NASA has had it’s day, now let crowd-funding and the Mars One project take over. Now the Mars One project will be one way and all the volunteers will probably die. But when they do, the rest will know what to look out for and what problems need to be solved to make Mars Two a sustainable reality. This is the way to go, to let go of the idea that life is sacred and every life counts. We are ants, and our lives are expendable for the greater good, or in this case, the expansion of the human race to outside the planet.

And now here is the kicker. If you think I am right and are rational/non-emotional about it, you are most likely classified as a psychopath, but it is a fact that people classified as psychopaths go far in life simply because they have no regard for others to get where they want to be. Most bankers and stock traders have the same brain chemistry as the most violent mass murders. Look that shit up, really. It pays to be insane these days.

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