Mezrab Storytelling challenge ‘Slice me Nice’ (+podcast info)

Just hammered out the story for the new Real Life Storytelling with the topic ‘Slice me Nice’. I really had to dig for this one as I had NO material whatsoever I could bend to this topic, but oh-my-god it is a thing of beauty, filled with humor, and stupid stuff, all revolving around a secret I have never told anyone.

It will be my debut as a list-storyteller, which means I was invited to be there, which I find pretty exciting, so if you find yourself in the neighborhood of Amsterdam in early October, be sure to mark your calender, agenda or whatever you use to keep track of the days for the 9th, and be there. (directions to Mezrab are here) (more about Mezrab’s other activities here)

And for the rest of you out there, sit tight as pretty soon we’ll be bringing Mezrab Real Life Storytelling to you in the form of a podcast, which would be available on all mobile devices by downloading just about any podcast app, as well as through the internet on our Soundcloud server space. You can find more information about this at the Facebook page MezrabTrueStorytelling.

Cheers folks! Have a nice day, and see you at Mezrab. 🙂

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