Rant: Why tipping your waiter/waitress is WRONG

Alright then. I have gotten so much shit over this that I am just going to throw my reasoning out into the world and will direct future people who complain to this.

Why tipping is wrong.

Look, I get it. You get paid a lousy wage and so you rely on your tips to keep afloat and pay your bills. It’s a hard job, some even say harder than flipping burgers and baking fries, which is all the cook seems to do. But people who tip badly are not the problem, the problem is your shitty wage. If people stop tipping, then waiters and waitresses will be forced to get another job, simply because they can’t make ends meet. This will create a shortage in work-force willing to work for this shitty pay and so bosses will have to pay their waiters and waitresses more, preferably up to minimum wage and benefits. This will solve your problem and people who don’t tip are actually nudging you in the right direction.

What you say? You deserve those tips because of all the hassle you get from the customers? Err, no. Getting hassled and dealing with customers is part of your job description, it is what you get paid to do. You deserve a decent wage for that which should be paid by your employer and NOT by your customers. Tipping a waitress you just slapped on her ass is as close to putting a dollar bill in the slip of a poledancer as you can get, and the waitress is likely not to say anything as she depends on the tips. This is completely backwards and not the way it should be!

Not convinced yet? Then think about this:

Is it fair that women with big boobs get more tips? No. Physical appearance should not be an issue, quality of work should be.

Is it fair that women in general get more tips than male waiters? No. Same applies, quality of work should be the standard.

Is it fair that the waiters/waitresses get tips, but the cook and dishwasher don’t? No. All those jobs supply the food to the customer and make sure the business keeps running. They all work just as hard and should be rewarded equally for good service.


Only when a decent wage is paid for hard work, and though the name of the job seems to imply otherwise  waiting IS hard work, then tips will be a gratuity for good service, tips that should be collected in a jar and from which once a year all the employees, including the cook and the dishwasher, should ave a fun time. A decent boss should even double any amount in the jar, simply because his staff made his business run smoothly, which makes customers want to come back.

This is my opinion, this is why I don’t tip and why I urge people they shouldn’t either. Waiting staff deserves better wages and by tipping you are keeping this crooked system running.

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2 Responses to Rant: Why tipping your waiter/waitress is WRONG

  1. Randy says:

    This is fine logic if you wanna pay $50 for burger next time you go to applebee’s.

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