TV series: Dark Matter

Alrighty then… a new one from the factory of SyFy, which became obvious as soon as they started throwing words like FTL and ‘a big metal door, holding secrets’, which to me totally killed the concept of SCIENCE fiction and tosses it into Future Fiction. But do we really need to build in such easy plot points to further the story when the writers have no more original idea’s? To me it doesn’t need to be there, which has been proven in The 100. The whole basics of the story can be fighting for survival while finding your identity.

So from the first episode I gleaned… oh wait… SPOILERS!

The group wakes without any memory of who they are, but still have a perfect working order of the rest of their knowledge. They name themselves in order of awaking and go explore the spaceship they are on, each finding their abilities. Okay, seems legit, and awaken a robot which has direct interface with the ship (where have I seen this before? Oh, wait the Chair!).

Fine. Premise established, and there is even an Asian, a black guy and an underage kid with some kind of visions (blegh, such a cheap tool to use) to fill the  demographics. Fine. I’ll let that slide.

One of the men finds an amulet under his pillow, which turns out to be a symbol on the planet they were heading to from… some guy who would bring help, but the group finds out through reconstruction of the database that they are actually there to wipe out the colony. With their memory wiped they now have a choice, to fight with the colonists against the corporation, or wipe them out.

So yeah… Basic storyline, done a hundred times. But with the look of the set and the camera work being quite decent, it is not that annoying to watch.

For me it is blatantly obvious that they will help the colony and the memory wipe was set up by the guy who promised help. Continuing to watch this series will depend on how long it will take in the next episodes to explain what to me is so blatantly obvious and how much of this ‘vision’ crap they will throw into the mix. This mystical unexplained stuff killed StarGate Universe and for me was frigging annoying in FireFly, though there it brought on some kick-ass fighting scenes.

But we’ll just have to wait and see. This series can go either way, people… this series can go either way.

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