#Rant : #ScienceFiction and the #StarTrek defense

I seem to have a problem when it comes to the word ScienceFiction.

Due to dilution of the term, first coined in 1851 in William Wilson’s A Little Earnest Book Upon A Great Old Subject, most people tend to believe that anything that the ScienceFiction genre deals with any story set in the future. But to me this just feels WRONG!

The word ScienceFiction is made up of two parts, Science and Fiction, fiction meaning ‘not real’ and Science meaning… well… Science! The basis for ScienceFiction should be as it originally was, a not true story based in science, and not scientifically viable stories should be classified as they are: Future Fiction.

StarTrek is a good example for Future Fiction, simply because is features a starship driven by a warp drive with no further explanation than it being a fancy box with blinking lights that somehow magically moves the ship at faster than light speeds. Being able to magically zip across the galaxy is an interesting story-line, but has nothing to do with actual science, just as communicators were invented without any idea how they actually worked, but there was a need to communicate and people were teleported /’beamed’ everywhere because nobody could figure out how do land such a big fucking ship without ! That is not Science, that is Bullcrap! That people who had grown up with the original StarTrek in the end figured out how to make ‘communicators’ (mobile phones) because of a revolution in miniaturization of batteries and transmitters is beside the point! That is Future fiction having an impact on reality, not the other way around! It doesn’t make Gene Roddenberry a visionary (having a vision of what future could be), it just makes him a damn good Fantasy Problemsolver.

Furthermore Steampunk would then be classified in Science Fantasy, as it is based in the past/in a parallel universe where science of the past took a different direction, instead of having a classification simply called ‘Steampunk’ simply because the fans wanted a genre.

Please, I beg of you people, for the love of God, let words mean what they mean and not put something in a classification because it kinda looks like it, because if you push that far enough, all cats and dogs would all be known as dogs simply because they’d have four legs.

You have my thanks, if only because you read this and giving it some thought. Even if you heartily disagree with my bold statements,  at least you are open enough to consider opinions that are different from your own, which is where true learning starts.

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