Noticeboard: Correction #autism #autismchat

I posted recently that I have no friends and do not get invited to parties… This was untrue. There is one who actually still keeps inviting me though knowing I’ll be unlikely to be there as I have a problem with crowds. But that doesn’t stop her from inviting me. Thanks for that. Being Autistic isn’t always easy, but being excluded is even harder. So if you like me just the way I am and can accept no as an answer, please do keep inviting me. I just might surprise you and actually show up. 🙂

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2 Responses to Noticeboard: Correction #autism #autismchat

  1. slk1217 says:

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    We can relate to not receiving invites anymore. We have had to cancel on rough days too many times. We still wish to be invited also even though most times we have to say no. Thanks for your post!

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