26-05-2015 Personal note: Writing Sungod aka Here Be Dragons

‘It was well over two months after we got stranded when people began to realize we were not going to get rescued. Less and less the look-out was manned as all this time we hadn’t seen any sign of ships, which meant we had to be outside of the regular shipping lanes. Slowly we accepted our fate and started making the temporary shelter a more permanent home, which was just like Sungod had wanted them to do since day one. But then again, who in their right mind would listen to the ramblings of a madman, even if what he said made perfect sense in hindsight? We were all in denial of the facts, while he looked ahead all the time. If only he had been more political correct, more polite, more kind, he might have been able to fit in and be a source of knowledge for our little society. But that is not the way he is.’

~ Excerpt of the diary of Anya


It has been a while since I wrote here, sorry rare fans who follow my blog. I have been caught up in video work, my latest hobby, which I really should update here as well.

Today I hammered down four pages A4, which is about 6 to 8 in book-formatted text, of close to perfect material, of which you have read a little intro just now.  The plot is a mix of stories I had been wanting to write for the longest time, creating a realistic semi-drama between Lost without the BS plot, Robinson Crusoe without the white superiority complex, Survivor without voting, and Lord of the Flies without those damn kids. All of those are well and fine in their own right, but to me seem to miss the opportunity to explore the reality of being fucking stranded on an island.

Mainly I just hope it won’t fall into the disarrayed pile of half-written stories I already have laying around and are just begging to be continued, nagging me continuously in the back of my mind and are sapping my will to write. And meanwhile I need to get Exodus of Mars and the re-read of Children of the Moon underway as well.

I have been slacking off writing for much too long, but I am starting to feel like my old self again, this time wondering if I cannot mix my new skills in video and presentation to keep going. Just don’t know how. On the spot audio book recording? Video? But who would watch me reading rough copy? Would it be interesting? Making it more that what it is, rough copy, feels like such a waste of time as I will edit and change it as the story progresses… tricky, tricky.Here Be Dragons

Doing video recordings and improv has opened up a whole new world as well as I have been interacting with people more and more, which has unexpectedly been rewarding. It drains me though as I am not mentally built for it. Autism can be a blessing sometimes as it gives me my ability to write something from an angle few have seen before, but most of the time is just a bitch that makes life more difficult.

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