Movie Review: Run All Night (2015)

Ugh. Where to start.

This movie is just riddled with ‘mistakes’, made because it makes the movie look cool and possibly to put young criminals on the wrong path. Next to that it has shaky camera work to obscure bad action scenes, weird CGI and 3 second shots switching which do not improve on action sequences at all. On the whole enough to make this a low rating movie. Oh, AND it has Liam Neeson, who for some reason cannot act anything else than ‘worried dad’.

The intro of the movie is excessively long, just there to explain the main character isn’t such a bad guy though he has his flaws, which are MANY and how tormented his life is. His only reason for still being alive is because he is friends to a crime lord who looks after him. And when we do finally get a hint on why he lives like this about 20 minutes into the movie, it is hard to actually swallow this reason, simply because we had to wade through 20 minutes of crap.

Here is a rundown on the logic mistakes I noticed, as I am guessing I didn’t catch them all:

  • getting shot doesn’t work that way
  • car locks don’t work that way
  • lockpicks don’t work that way
  • knocking on doors doesn’t work that way
  • police don’t work that way
  • nightvision doesn’t work that way
  • laser scope doesn’t work that way
  • gunshot wounds don’t look like that
  • being burned doesn’t work that way

Merry fucking Irish Christmas! All these points are sheer disdirection. Get it right, make it real! Look, we understand that NewYork isn’t a picknick, but do you have to focus on just on the Bronx 44th precinct? There is so much more to see! And why is he limping at some point while we clearly see he has been shot in the arm only moments later? And the most annoying to me was the ineptness of the corrupt police. At one point they are actually looking at the wrong building with a helicopter while they were specifically told which building they needed to watch!

One word: forensics! I know people in a lab isn’t very glamorous, but a single fingerprint would have solved a lot of the movie plot years ago. The only decent thing to say about this is that (I think) they kept up with the bullet count.

This movie is just crappe (French for crap) from start to finish… What it is, is something to watch when you have 2 hours to kill, which I did, and if you want something to hate, which I did. 😛

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