2014 – Focus (movie review)

Oh god. What is there to say about yet another con-man film?

This is just another bland unrealistic and emotionless movie to finance a trip to Vegas or Reno or where ever for his group of people. It is clear that their own personal interests overshadow this entire movie and the plot is just a means of getting them there. I mean, they even didn’t take the time to do a decent poster… FOCUS_Main_PosterIt’s just says WILL SMITH in big huge neon letters and oh, there is also some white chick in there in the background.

In this regard Will Smith is a perfect candidate as he seems unable to move beyond his four expressions of happy, angry, sad or generic blank stares. Emoticons have more expression than this. For gods sake, EMOTE! Actually act for a change instead of just saying your rehearsed lines. Better yet, take a role which you believe you are totally unsuited for, something Keanu Reeves won’t touch because he thinks can’t handle it. Because whether you succeed or fail, at least you would have tried to become better than you are right now.

The story is phoned in, the plot twists are so blatantly obvious that is is spoon-fed… really they actually TELL you how the movie ends in the first 10 minutes, and the cast… don’t get me started on the cast. It is totally unbelievable that a guy with this kind of gambling habit is the kingpin of any big criminal organisation as his co-workers would have lynched his ass by now, unless, of course, you are the star of a major Hollywood production and your name is Will Smith. Then it all makes perfectly sense. And your bags getting stolen is NOT a major criminal activity, it is you just not paying attention to your belongings and some petty thief taking advantage. And more than that, a girl looking like THAT will have no problem giving sex away for free to get that watch. It is actually the easiest way… get the guy in bed, tell him his watch scratches her back, he takes it off, you fuck his brains out, and the day after you walk off with the watch! It’s not a weeks worth or scouting!

Look… to put it simply: petty crimes like your bag being stolen at the airport is not part of some major conspiracy. And no organization consisting of 300 people, each looking for a payday, will spend time on such a trivial thing. That is called being paranoid and there is medication to help against that. If you bag gets stolen it means that you were not paying attention to it and quite frankly you deserve it being stolen if only to teach you to mind your stuff.   And what’s with leaving the hotel doors open with just about every kissing scene? What is that supposed to symbolize? Have some decency and just kick it closed, showing that you are in control of the situation!

This is just sad sad sad SAD sad sad movie making, looking to draw people in so they will pay for a ticket. Movie makers like this don’t care if the audience actually watches the movie, they paid for the ticket. It’s the movie your girlfriend pulls you to to have a night out, but secretly is hyped because Will Smith is in it, and you go along hoping to get a kiss and grope in the darkness… But you have no chance getting any, because it is Will Smith is on the screen and not you.

There I, said it. Please. Do NOT go and watch this movie unless you have nothing to do and, like me, you enjoy getting drunk and annoyed.

I used to be a fan of Will Smith. I really was. Not the King of BellAir shit, which was horrible, but his first movie years. He was funny and interesting at the start of his career. But he has learned NOTHING from there ’till now.

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