Movie Review: The Theory of Everything (2014)

Though I believe the theory of Stephen Hawkins contains great merit, I also believe that this movie does not. TO be totally honest I would much rather sit through that annoying piece of tripe called 50 Shades of Grey than seeing this ever again. Sure the music used is awesome, but to me it and the rewind at the end just stresses the point on how hollow this movie really is. I mean, and I really don’t mean to sound callous, the entire piece is one long fund raiser for ALS, centered around their most famous prize asset, something I found quite disgusting. There is complaint visual complaining about how inaccessible some places are for people in wheelchairs, almost advocating that the entire countryside should be asphalted and ramped for their benefit, while they, in fact, are just a minor part of the people. I actually enjoy a bit of rough countryside and if you’re not up for the task then don’t go there. Meanwhile everyone around him but for a few friends jut look the other way and shrug as he struggles past, almost in a show on how the world doesn’t give a shit. If someone like that moves past, you look, as the human race is built on curiosity. It is just all so overly unrealistic and surreal to punch the message home. The only person I could actually empathize with what the wife and through that I wondered why she didn’t up and left, or why the man just didn’t kill himself for being such a bother to everyone around him.

To generalize: I don’t like to watch movies to see someone struggle with life and see their inevitable decline. I am sorry, people in wheelchairs or with crippling diseases, but that’s just the way I feel. I believe in a strong genetic world by eliminating the weak and yes, that means that quite possibly I would not make the cut and yes, I actually know a few people in wheelchairs and call them dear friends, but it is a fact that everybody dies and what is important is to enjoy what you have and not feed guilt for a few extra bucks. I watch movies to be distracted from the world, not having my nose pushed in it as some sort of disaster tourism.

That this man just happened to be brilliant does NOT have anything to do with this movie at all. It actually makes it seem as if his theories were accepted simply because he was sick.

This movie does not enrich my life in any way, it doesn’t teach anything I didn’t already know, it has no moral to speak of… it just annoys with shock value.

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