End Hunger, Destroy the World Today

I got sent this video today and I feel the need to react on it, because in my mind this is exactly what is wrong with this planet. Feel free to watch it, I have tagged it on at the bottom of my post, and feel free to stop it at any time or skip through it as it goes on for a while and won’t change until 6.50.

This video is wrong. It is called ‘The Lie we Live’ and basically is the very problem it is trying to address. It is a cheap drama on everything that is wrong with our lives, simply created to scare, blame and shame, which is a cheap advertising trick. All that is really missing from it is a bank account number at the end where you can donate your money to. It goes on way too long to show that it’s serious about it’s message and relies too much dramatic music and imagery to make an impression of doom and then rises up to fill the watcher with hope for a better world while offering no solutions.

Here are some facts to be aware off. Our current status is that in our first world modern society we NEED bio industry to sustain our numbers, we NEED nuclear power to keep the lights on, we NEED money as a trade-currency so that our society can be run efficiently instead of everyone just farming.hunting/gathering for themselves, and we NEED armies to defend what we have from those who are looking to steal it and leave us starving. Without these things we hate so much we would fall back into the dark ages of diseases, hunger, pain, suffering and massive deaths. ‘You are what you eat’ is a common phrase among vegetarians and though this is true on a personal level, on a scale as this you have to apply that line to the whole of the human race. At that scale the voice of one person, or even ten, a hundred or even a thousand, will not make a lick of difference. It is a basic fact that War is the aggressive and short tempered brother of Peace and though it might just fight for a short time and then take a nap, it will be back to give you another beating and steal your goodies later on as Peace is the weaker brother and War is a lazy son of a bitch. The only thing saving your ass is his unwillingness to kill you and the only reason you still have granola to munch is because he doesn’t like it. That is reality, not your wishing on a star for peace to come. Enlightenment is nice, but only when your belly is full, the roof over your head is not leaking and your house is heated. The poor and hungry have no time for it as they are scrounging for their next meal.

Don’t believe me? Then look around you. What you see is what it means to be Human in all it’s splendor and horror. All you own, all you love, all the greed, all the pain, all the hunger for goods in rich countries as well as hunger for food in the poor ones. You can believe that ‘if we only learned our lesson, we could live better’, but the very simple fact is that we won’t. You might be willing to work your ass off and give all you earn away to live a simple, poor, hungry and humble life, but the fact is that 99% of humans are a greedy, needy, selfish, and lazy. It’s in our nature to want to sit and see others work and bring their spoils to us without us having to lift a finger. Any place where hope pops up and people start to live together in peace and harmony will be brought down by others looking to control and profit from them. It has been so since the first caveman stood erect and and it will never change as that is what it means to be human. We are a hurtful, mean, warring race that thrives by stepping on others. Our history is littered with examples and every successful nation has stood on the shoulders of others to get rich. If you don’t look at the past you can’t understand your future and are destined to make the same mistakes over and over again. Wishing people were not so mean is like wishing to live on another planet as another race. Humanity is a plague, like locusts, and the only way to save the planet is to decrease the human population, preferably killing all of them.

And if you can’t accept my words, then I dare you make me eat them. Show me it can be different by setting an example and I will be there to congratulate you on proving me wrong. But I for one have given up and am sitting on the sidelines with a bag of popcorn for the greatest show on Earth, the destruction of the Human race.


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