Pet peeves

I have two pet peeves with which you can annoy the hell out of me. Say any one of these, to my face or even near me, and everything in me immediately will go ‘Move along, nothing to see here, move along.’ Use both of them in the same sentence and you might encounter my inner demon to explain to you just how stupid you are. These phrases are: ‘Yes, but’ and ‘just because.’ And I will explain why.

I am a simple, but intelligent guy, and when I was about 15 I discovered that someone saying ‘Yes, but’ is actually saying ‘NO!’ to everything you just said, but are just trying to shut you up by agreeing and then posting their completely opposite theory. If you disagree with something, then just say so. Don’t cover something you disagree with with kindness to then push your own position. My position when somebody does this is F.Y & F.O., ‘Fuck You and Fuck Off’. Someone saying this is either too stupid to know what they are saying, which generally means they shouldn’t say anything at all, or is in fact aware of this trick and is using it. And quite honestly I don’t know which one of those is worse.

And then there is ‘Just Because.’ *Sigh*. How to explain. Just Because is a cheap and childish way to end a conversation while holding on to your point of view without being able to explain why you think a certain thing. I believe it either means that it is in fact not your opinion but something you heard someone else say and feel that it is important, Or a stupid refusal of an often well-made point, a total unwillingness to listen to what someone else has to say.

They are just stupid stupid stupid STUPID things to say.

So there. My pet peeves. You’re welcome.

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