Je ne pas Charlie… an apology

I have been following the current media hype ‘ #JeSuisCharlie ‘ from the sidelines and I have to say that the cartoonists that were shot were activists for and against a cause and therefore in their own way extremists. Now my French is terrible (hence the ‘je ne pas’) and I couldn’t read a word of the text balloons, but even I could see the images were created to provoke. This all had nothing to do with religion or free speech, this all just was extremists bashing it out. True, I don’t believe that you can shoot a guy for throwing a rock, but the same office has been under siege for long time with bomb threats and even a bomb placement if my sources don’t deceive me. To continue on after that is blatant activism and I am not that brave.

So I decided not to pick a side. Not because I don’t believe one cause is better than another, but because I don’t believe in extremism. If you do things you know will anger another person who is likely to shoot a gun at you, then you are just prodding a stick into a beehive. You can expect to get stung, and apparently the cartoonists were.

What I DO love is that with their deaths they created exactly what they wanted: their cartoons went viral and millions joined their cause. They became martyrs to their cause, free speech, and there is no way that the gun toting extremists can ever stop this ridiculing now.

So Charlie, well done. #jerespectCharlie . But I also know I am not that brave. If this to you means I am letting vandals and terrorist have their way then yes I am. And I am sorry I am not there standing with you. I wish I was, I wish I could, but I know I am not. I am not a soldier. I am just a writer, trying to get by in doing what I love.

So Charlie’s of the world, fight on. Fight for me, even if you think I am not worth it. I am seeing the world go down in flames and there is nothing I can do against it. I don’t believe in this world anymore and wish the wasps and the cockroaches all the best of luck with it when we, the human race, are gone. Because that, to me, is the only cure for this blight that is spreading everywhere all over this beautiful planet called Earth and destroying everything it touches.

There are no winners. There are only losers in this fight. The only way to save ourselves if we just stop fighting, stop shaming each other and put down our guns.

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