The Terror called Christmas

As Christmas rolls around again, I watch it approach with dread as to me it means days filled with people I don’t know how to talk to and some even people I have nothing to say to. To me, honestly, I’d rather spend this month of celebration in a log cabin somewhere out in the woods with a wood plank for a bed, the only source of warmth is a fireplace for which I have to chop my own wood as I trap, skin and cook my own food, and I am NOT a hero when it comes to such things, or even do a mystery can challenge for food while there are certain things I WILL NOT eat.
I just don’t get it. I have actually never got it.
Every year I find myself staring at decorated trees, thinking about how beautiful they were when standing proudly in a forest somewhere, though these days all trees are grown on massive tree-farms supplying to the commercial need for living room sized trees, cut short in the prime of their lives…
Every year I look at the decorations of plastic and glass, depictions of balls, angels and stars, and I wonder if a string of nuts or popcorn would not be a lot more useful to hang in a tree in the garden…
I have never felt Christmas Cheer. Sometimes I cry, single tear mostly as yeah, I am THAT kind of guy, but this can just a easily be the Lion King as any sappy Christmas movie, even if it is about a homicidal kid hurting burglars (I am not even going to NAME that crappy movie and it’s even worse sequel). I have never seen the wonder, the miracle, as I just don’t get it.

Quite honestly, I hate Christmas. There, I said it. I don’t hate the day, as for me it is just like any other day. I dislike that people make a fuss about it and go around being all happy and jolly like everything is alright in the world, while you just know the rest of the year these people drag themselves out of bed to go to a job they hate.
And then there is the spending. It has literally grown into insane proportions and the total worth of presents could feed a small third world country! Do you really NEED that new Ipad because it just has so much more colors to work with with that larger size storage capacity and faster internet connection? What ever happened to thriftiness being a good upstanding moral? What has happened to patience and being happy with what you have? Why has everything in this last century become about spending money so that the top 5% of people owning half the worlds wealth can grow richer? What is the fucking point?!
But then again I am not the type of guy who will go into a soup kitchen to volunteer for the underprivileged, as to do that on Christmas I think is just mocking them. If you are really that good hearted, then do it every day. Why stop at one day in the year? And I don’t go to church on Christmas eve either though secretly I long to, because I would not go any other given day. And if I did go it would only be to her the choir sing and those have died out long ago where I live. Plus I don’t like the songs which are overladen with morals about a not existing deity. It’s all a hoax and although everybody knows it is, just like engagement rings were a marketing scheme of someone wanting to sell more diamonds, everybody still joins in.

But, I am no Gringe either. People who want to celebrate these days of follies can do so, I won’t stop them. Just know that for someone like me these days are a horror to endure, days of bad food and headache alcohol, all in the name of ‘Cheer’. Well, cheers to you all. I personally can’t wait until the fireworks welcome the New Year has scared away all this faking and we can get down to what is important right then and there: surviving winter.

Here are some fun facts to consider:
3.5 million elderly die from cold exposure each year.
3.2 million elderly live in nursing homes in the US alone, unvisited by their children and grand children and uninvited to join the celebration.

Do you want to spread some Christmas cheer? Visit a nursing home. Buy some small presents, even one euro/pound/dollar earmuffs will do but make it something they can use, wrap them and hand them out. Not in the persona of Santa, but just as you. And you will see more light in the eyes of people than you will ever see round a Christmas dinner.

And for gods sake stop calling it Christmas. It’s called Yule. It always has, and for me it always will. The man referred to was not even born on that day but somewhere in June or July or something.  And not disturb your musings that just for this day there is no war anywhere, because I don’t think the Jihad Muslims even celebrate Christmas, so what would they care? And even if they respect Christianity this one day of the year, tomorrow the bombardments continue.

If anything these days show me how wrong things still are and this pains me, a pain I am able to forget the rest of the year because nobody is pointing at it with a huge neon sign.

But I’ll stop now. I’ll put on my best smile and my best suit and pretend, just to make you all happy. Just don’t ask me my opinion and don’t look me in the eye, because you won’t like that you’ll see.

Happy holidays.


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2 Responses to The Terror called Christmas

  1. i have the some of the same issues. I tend to only see the bad side of the season. It brings out the evil in people. I see chrisitans doing evil things by destroying other religion’s decorations. I have read 6 stories this year about a Pagan or Jewish family told to take down their decorations. In one case they busted his front window that was decorated. It is sad that we don’t realize that family and friends are the reason for the season and not the presents. Having fun with a friend or family means more than any gift. what happened to coming together as a community to spend the season. NOT the holiday but the season.

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