NowhereLand bit

I just love the visuals of this… I can almost see the camera positions and switches between them, as I watch most movies from a director/writer standpoint.


Following her in she went upstairs and into the master bedroom of the house. After a moment of hesitation he followed her in and found her standing before the closet.
‘This… maybe. Or this…’
Looking him up and down, she hmmed.
‘No… that won’t work…’
Going to the back of the closet, she pulled out a garment bag and sighed.
Unzipping the bag in one determined stroke, she pulled out a black suit with white shirt. It seemed a bit old fashioned and nothing special, but also timeless, a classic. What was really haunting about it was the way she stared at it, even when she turned to hold it in front of him to see his head in the collar.
‘Yes… this would do,’ she then nodded briskly.
Laying out the three piece with almost tender care, she then turned and left, her eyes a bit glazed over and damp as she passed without a word.
Apparently being expected to put it on, he stripped to his shirt and boxers and started to dress himself. The lack of buttons on the sleeves threw him for a loop, he left them open and put on the vest and jacket. Though it was all a bit roomy, looking at himself in the dress mirror he decided he didn’t look half bad in it. Almost fit for a wedding actually.
‘This is what he wore,’ it then became clear to him, not having thought about it due to the confusion.
‘This was his suit. He probably wore this when they married, which is why she was so shocked about it. She is still in denial, after all these years, still waiting for him to come back.’
Turning to the door where she had left, he worried about her motives for a moment.
‘Is she just lonely and willing to help, finding a new purpose for something she has held on for so long, or is she transposing him onto me? Does she see him in me? Is that why she is so nice to me? Or is she just lonely and willing to put up with just anyone for company? And if so, why hasn’t she done so before me?’
The answer came to him almost immediately.
‘The Selkie. When she knew I was touched, she became serious, no longer hiding behind a mask of merriment and carelessness. If being touched by the Selkie is rare, then she sees two people who are similarly inflicted, one of which she misses every moment of her life. How can she not see him in me? How can she not be emotionally invested after how she lost him?’
‘Are you decent?’ she called out from the hallway and for a brief moment Richard was afraid she had overheard his thoughts.

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    Nice Post.

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