The AfterNaNo

I always find that after November, words come less easy to me as I write on. Maybe the November writing spurt does have it’s drawbacks in word-depletion, or maybe this is my normal level of writing and I am just downcast as once again I have seen what I could do if I just put in the effort. Or maybe there is something to this (for me) Christian strength in unity when everyone was writing.

As  someone kinda tripped and fell over the Christian thing wording, I would like to explain. I am not a Christian, but when I see Christians praying and supporting each other in times of trouble I always wonder if joining a church would be such a bad thing. Sure I don’t believe in any supernatural deity looking out for his/her/its people, but that unity in helping each other, I have never seen that as strong anywhere but with Christians. That unity of taking care of the weaker ones just amazes me, as Agnostics seems to be a more solitary race, not really concerned about the bigger picture but more focused on this own lives. The only people I have seen this group thing more was with Judaism, which actually excludes the rest of the world from theirs and to me just might be the reason why they were so often prosecuted, Mormons and with Dianetics/Scientology.

No wait. Don’t start laughing at me for involving the Mormons or lighting the torches and grab the pitchforks just yet to hunt me down for saying Scientology. Just let me explain. If you strip away all the weird stupid stuff from both the Mormons and Scientology you end up with a very basic system, the basis of their use.

For Mormons this is easy: to breed as many children as possible to increase the Mormon population. As an average man has a drive for ‘release’ about once every five days and a woman has the longing for ‘acceptance’ about once a month, and these are just basic primordial human drives hat are still very much active today just hiding under that thin layer of varnish we call civilized behavior, you can understand how this works out to around four women to every man. A group of women bigger than that will pretty soon start to gossip and exclude others. But where a group works together, one caring for the children while the rest work, you actually end up spending less per person simply because you are wholesaling.

And now for Scientology: this is how it works.
People at the bottom research stuff, a book, whatever, which they make subscripts of, which get gathered on topic and studied by someone in a higher tier, who then makes a subscript of that. This keeps continuing over two levels upwards, until someone there publishes a book about it containing ‘basic truths’. Well yeah, they are things just refined from works of others. It’s a pyramid power scheme, something which is actually forbidden in certain countries when it comes to doing business. The logo of Scientology is actually a layered pyramid, depicting just that. The same happens with Scientology based movies. Have you never wondered why the movies from Scientology actors (see the list) suck so bad? It’s because almost all of the movies are derivatives of other movies. Just watch the (currently) latest Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow (if you don’t know it, see trailer here). How can you say this is not just a re-imagined mash-up between Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers?

Alright… alright… it seems my mind is going all over the place as I write this, falling from one apology into the next. This is actually what the word-depletion feels like for me. It is not the lack of words, but actually having too many. My mind feels scrambled, shaken up like a bottle filled with oil, alcohol and water (see this experiment here). Only by leaving it alone and giving it time it will get clear again. I am not promising to be making any sense in the coming days, possibly weeks.


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