Current projects

Just thought to let you know what I am up to…

Now that I have killed a few books my hands itch for something new, and actually during the NaNo2024 I started on them already.

First there is my long time wish to write a fun and easy to play tabletop roleplaying system. (For those not knowing what that is, here is a link to explain it). This has become, for which I am building the website as we speak.

Then there is NowhereLand, the a fantasy story about a man who inherits a lake-side piece of land on the isle of Islay (West Scotland) from an aunt who disappeared mysteriously. As the locals there are quite tight-lipped, he strikes up a friendship with another ‘outsider’, an elderly woman who lives a bit away at the other side of the lake. From her stories he begins understand about where he is, namely the homeland of the fairy queen.

These two will be my main focus for the coming time, next to getting the now finished books proofread, edited and published, so be on the lookout for ‘Children of the Moon‘ and ‘Exodus of Mars‘ (possible title revision), which are part 2 and 3 of Foothold of Tethys, my science fiction saga, and ‘Wanderer in Paradise’, my NaNo2023, the story of a man who goes on an adventure holiday trip on the coast of Peru and has to run for his life when things go terribly wrong.

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