Today I will be hitting 75 followers…. I have no words.

But seriously people… I am quite stunned I am getting followers. Now I know I promised something special when I had hit 50 followers, but as it happened the same day the surprise project for that was not ready yet (and actually still isn’t as I am waiting on reviews). But I do promise that when the counter hits 100 I will post the first chapter, raw and unedited, of Children of the Moon, my soon-to-come-out science fiction book and prequel to Foothold of Tethys, which by itself is a FREE DOWNLOAD in PDF format.

Now if you’d actually want to buy the book I’d be thrilled as well. A writer share of a published book is just 10%, which comes down to around 2.33 euro’s per book sold (yeah… how is that for a years work. :S), so at the moment it just barely supports my caffeine addiction.

But still, thank you all. Thank you for your trust and support.
It is because of you that I continue to write.

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