Day 24: Smiling

And just like that, the depression is gone as I have found a new story. It is actually quite beautiful as it all just comes together and not like anything I have written before. The basis is so simple it is actually laughable and knits with my interests so beautifully.

A London man inherits a 15 acre piece of land in Scotland from an aunt who died/disappeared mysteriously ten years go (time it takes for someone to be declared dead). As he was not happy with his life as it was, he drops everything and moves there, to find the house in ruins. Now having nothing, he starts at the bottom rebuilding a place for himself as well as his own personality.

The cover needs to be redesigned to fit this, but I don’t mind that. It will build as time goes on. 🙂 The only ‘problem’ I am having currently is that I cannot decide on a cover style. 😛 Ghostly white lettering seems to be the favorite, the rest, I am not so sure.

NowhereLand3NowhereLand3 - bright lightsNowhereLand3 - clear house houseNowhereLand3 - mid house houseNowhereLand3 - mild house houseNowhereLand3 - no houseNowhereLand3 -no mist firefliesNowhereLand3 -no mist


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