Day 23: finishing up old novels

I know I am weird, but hidden under my rock I found I had a lot of books which just needed a conclusive chapter, including things I wrote last year. Most even had all the material, but I never put it all together. So currently I am writing the conclusion of ‘Speechless in Paradise’, my NaNoWriMo 2013, to catch up on my word-count and after this I have no idea what to do. But that’s alright.

So far this NaNo I have ‘finished’ two books, probably three, one of which I will probably dump or sell as I don’t want the association with my name and my current work in science fiction, which is alright. But with ‘finished’ I do mean that they are still pretty raw. First I need them to rest and when the time is right I will give them the once over. Then starts the grueling process of sending them into the cycle of proof reading, editing, send it off to the editor, get it back with about 50% red markings, rewrite, send it back, get it back and maybe then the gems that are hidden under the layers of dirt will come out to shine.

We’ll see.


Update: After nailing down the final scene in Speechless in Paradise I have moved on to a very old pet project of mine, one I never got to work on as then I figured there would be enough time, and now I figure that it is time. NowhereLand. That’s right, I am still running. So hold on to your hats, this new book is going to be an extremely wild ride full of vague lore and old folktales the way they were originally intended, to scare the crap out of people and invoke wisdom.

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