NaNo 10 days to go

So… With around 10 days to go, varying on where you live, how s your word-count going?

How many words do you still have to do, divide by 10, and you have your general daily amount. Will you step up or step down, will you make it or possibly fake it?

So for me these are the numbers:

first book I wrote 72.755 words. That easily killed by first NaNo, but I had agreed with myself to run a double NaNo to 100.000 words. So far I have written 4456 words in 3 days, which is pretty crappy. Adding the 72.755+4.456=77.211. Subtract that from the 100.000 and I still have to do 22.689. But I still have 10 days left, which becomes 2.269 (rounded up). I can do this! I can write 2500 a day!

This is what gets me by and pumps me up for this last massive sprint.

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3 Responses to NaNo 10 days to go

  1. blondeusk says:

    Good luck on your last sprint

  2. I didn’t participate this year. Instead I got as got up as possible on my book reviews and worked at promoting my novel, Nothing Everything Nothing. Now, ten days before Nano ends, I’m writing my first new words since the novel was finished.

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