Tips for NaNoWriMo: Procrastination & Writers Block

Yes, well… this can happen to everyone and today it seems to be my turn.

I woke up not having slept well and all day my head seems in a daze, I am procrastinating the hell out of everything, and simply because inside of me there is a resistance to write: I just have no energy. Sure there is the story, yes I know what is coming next, but to actually sit down and do the work… jech.

Meanwhile the kitchen and the bathroom never looked cleaner, because I am a good procrastinator who knows how to spend his time, but if I don’t sit down and actually do the work there will be twice as much work to be done tomorrow, and three times the amount the next day.

Look, I know what this is. I just finished a book two days ago and my mind just wants a time-out. Life is filled with emotional ups and downs, especially if you are a writer as you spend most of your time alone. But this is what NaNoWriMo is actually about, to fulfill the commitment to yourself and learn some much needed discipline, because without it you’ll never get anywhere. So I am going to get up now, get myself a drink, and do the damn work!


So a small update, I did the work, 1667 words and I got the plot rolling just a little again. Now all I can do is focus on the bit I have just written and forget the frustration of is, as that frustration can lead to a writers block by focusing on the bad and not the good.

I love the story I was told comes from the Indians, which says that in each person are two wolves, a good wolf and a bad one, and the one that rules your life is the one you feed the most. So take control, ignore the bad and remember the good. When things get rough I actually keep a notebook writing down the good things of that day. It helps me process and move on. In fact, I think I am naming writing this blog in it tonight. It didn’t add to my word-count, but it sure did add to my state of mind.


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4 Responses to Tips for NaNoWriMo: Procrastination & Writers Block

  1. I’m in the same situation!

    • That is partially why I keep writing these NaNo blogs, because a lot of people struggle with the same things at the same time. Read the update as it shows how I dealt with it, and there is quite a bit on Writers Block in my book ‘Sipping from the Writing well’ about how to avoid it.

  2. Martin!! Same thing happened to me yesterday after I broke 50k. Brain just refused to work. I just went to sleep and woke up with a brain full of ideas.

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