America, ISIS and Al-Qaeda

Now as a writer and an artist it is my job to think outside the box, because everything inside the box has already been written and created. And before things get heated and people will want to kill me, let me stress that I am on nobodies side here. I have accepted long ago that in this world I can’t do a damn thing to change the current politic situation and so did away with my TV, stopped reading newspapers… generally stopped listening to any type of media or advertising, as both feel to me to try and cram something down your throat, be it an opinion or something you just don’t need.

And so this occurred to me:

What if America IS ISIS? Because a lot of things could then easily be explained. America runs partly on it’s war-machine, which attacks countries filled with oil and then suddenly nothing is heard from that place for a long long time. If America stopped waging wars, it would cripple itself in both the oil production, the medicinal quarter AND the war machine: it would literally bankrupt itself.

So, and I am still talking hypothetical here because it would be a brilliant plot for a movie or a book, what if America invented this big bad enemy which puts Al-Qaeda to shame in just about everything, so they can wage war? Who checks these things? Who checks if America really did hit the targets they set out to destroy? I am sure they fired lots of stuff at something, because that means the factories can keep running, but who checks, really? Who has the balls to go in there and see if it was not a school or a church, or a truck full of pigs (no, not pigs, let’s say sheep) sheep on the way to the market?

It just seems to me America has a sweet deal here. Declare war, put someone in command who will keep giving them the oil, and move out again to the next country. I mean, where is the proof? That last leader whats-his-face from the Al-Qaeda disappeared into the ocean! That’s nice and neat, no corpse, no proof, no nothing, except the word of the American military. American presidents just don’t seem believable anymore unless they bomb the hell out of someone in their first year of office!

What if Al-Qaeda has been a lie and this has been going on since the Kennedy administration? If Kennedy was indeed shot by the CIA, which was greatly funded and expanded by the guy who ran against Kennedy I might add, then this has been going on since 1967! Wait… if the Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA as an opposition force to fight, that means America flew planes into their own Towers to wage a war on Terror, as I found the evidence that suggested Al-Qaeda involvement quite shallow I might add.

I get weary when I see claims without proof and I just wonder if I am alone in this, but am not going to look for the proof because, quite honestly, I don’t give a shit anymore and am not looking for people to convince me that aliens who give drunken hillbillies rectal exams are real. I just believe it is my job to think of things not written before. I live outside the box, I have cleaned my hands from all of this and I am sitting back with my popcorn, watching the world explode, as what I think is going on is really going on, then this is the most awesome story I could never have dreamed up to write. Never in a thousand nights could I have ever come up with something as crazy as this. If all I think is true actually is true, then I am in awe of the CIA, the spindoctors and the stupidity of the human race. If all of this is true, then you all really deserve what you are getting, a life in the slavery of commercialism, yapping what the media is telling you to yap, and not dealing with the problems until it is too late.

As McDonalds said: I’m lovin’ it.
Burn, motherfucker. Burn.

But then again, I am just a fiction writer, and this is all fiction… we hope.



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