Reminder: free publicity at AuthorAuthor

This is a small reminder to all the aspiring writers and authors that are following my blog (thanks for that by the way):

Some time ago I started the Facebook group AuthorAuthor, in which a group of writers each writes a short story of 8000 words about a topic or genre, which we then publish. This way the ones published will get their name in print and if the reader likes it, a possible look-up for other work they have written. The AuthorAuthor books are cheap with no profit margin so that there is a low threshold for buying them and are even spread for free as PDF at Facebook group AuthorAuthorBooks and any other place we can find to post it.

Now, we can always use other writers, published or not, and even if you don’t want to join but still think it is a cool idea to give books away for free to increase your fame, you can just join AuthorAuthorBooks and post your work there.


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