NaNoWriMo Tips: sidetracking

201106242208As time progresses, around this date you might find yourself distracted by all new exciting idea’s. For me it is the reappearance of an old wish to write and design a tabletop roleplaying system and become immensely rich and successful. My advice is to spend ONE DAY at writing it down. Yes, you are getting ONE DAY of respite for other things, no matter what your word-count currently is for whatever reason. I advise you to use it well and if you can, next to working out the basics of your idea, to get back to writing, to try and write as well. If you can get your word-count, then you can move this day around for something else that comes along later. This is your one chance. Use it well, use it wisely. Do not spend this rare day on which you are allowed to slack off on that new game for the XBox One!

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