Goliath Crew manifest (2of2)

Just to keep names, ranks and duties straight in my head, and to honor the people who have put their name up to be used (see Goliath Crew manifest (1of2) ), I will build the list of crew members here.

Yes, I’ll be going at this first to last as the command positions pop up while adding a few names which are lead roles to book, so position and rank will be totally random. 😀 I will give each named person a chance to give themselves their nicknames on their own foremost quality, but when it’s over the top, I will make one up which is not that flattering (though I will refrain from being hurtful).

Ranks may change over time when I have people looking at them, but this is the run-down so far:


CAPT Anton Noble

Drone operators:
LT Michelle Carcas,
LT Zee Elmer,
ENS Sally Janine Sullivan

Communications Officer:
LCDR Chuck ‘Chuckles’ Maes

Fighter control:
LTDR Tina Seward




Liz Power – Classified



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