Goliath Crew manifest (1of2)

As I was writing Exodus of Mars, I found I needed a manifest of crew members of at least the command crew. As a Captain of a battleship, you would know these names as you have been through a lot with these people.

So instead of just starting to pick names at random, I posted this Facebook message in my writers group:

Well… as I am going to need about twenty names for bridge officers, I thought I could either pick names at random from an Internet list, orrr… HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET YOURSELF NAMED IN MY BOOK! Just reply to this message and I’ll pick out the names I can use.

And this is what happened in 24 hours:
  •  Zee Elmer Zee would be an awesome name
  •  Tina Sergent Seward Tina can be used, or Frank, or Matthew.
  •  Liz Power Cool!
  •  Dena Hall Dena is unique (or at least that is what my mother tried to convince me)
  •  Sarah Myers Mine is pretty boring, but sometimes you need a “red shirt” name in the mix
  •  Emma McCarry Meeee. Or just do Marina as an alternate first name!
  •  Tyler Ailidh If you want something that will piss your readers off because they don’t know how to pronounce it…take my middle name, Ailidh.
  •  Cassandra Davis Cassandra or Cassie. (not Caissie… ) lol
  •  Anthony Hopkins Great idea!
  •  Melissa Jensen Officer Mel. Or my middle name, Ann
  •  Jonatan Kilhamn Signing up for duty.
  •  Stacey Brewer Stacey is gender neutral. Just sayin’ good for men or women.
  •  Martin van Houwelingen My Facebook just exploded and I am on the floor laughing.
  •  Chris Yee Uhoh, Redshirt duty lol. Also, Anthony Hopkins? hehehehe
  •  Josie Kmiec I have a name. It’s unique-ish.
  •  Lydia Scheuermann I’m here for you, bro.
  •  KateLyn Gillia Okktobyr Madison
  •  Bill Pollock Pick me! Pick me!
  •  Sammie Rose haha why not? Sammie or Samantha, whichever works.
  •  Anthony Hopkins Me = Famous name, not so famous person. xD
  •  Lori Brownell You can use my last name. My father in law is a retired air force colonel. Ken Brownell
  •  Martin van Houwelingen I just woke up my wife with my laughing. Thanks all.. this is soo cool. Keep ’em coming.
  •  Tania Gower Tyrone lol
  •  Bouchra Rebiai My name is supposed to be pronounced like this: boush-RA RU-bi-AYE
    It’s French spelling for what in Arabic means: glad tidings (Bouchra) … of the spring (Rebiai)
  •  Kimberlee Ferrell Kimberlee! Just spell it right, si vous plait!
  •  Rebecca Palmas You’re being flooded, Martin
  •  Ashley Drake Gephart Feel free to use mine or a variation if it fits.
  •  Shelley Jentzen You can use my son’s name. Alexander Jentzen. Or you can spell it Jensen so people will not be confused about pronunciation.
  •  Daria Włodarczyk Feel free to use mine Although I don’t recommend the surname xD
  •  Tricia Hein I’ll throw my hat in the ring
  •  Vehka Hakonen My name is really rare too At least the first – there are only two Vehkas in the world. I am the other, some old Finnish man the other
  •  Lacey Sutton Daria – I LOVE THAT NAME! My current one is really common. My maiden name was Della Stumbaugh
  •  Logan Fenner I have a name too. And you can use it if you want
  •  Ashley Dougherty A wild name appears.
  •  Logan Fenner Lacey Sutton — one of my characters is named Della!
  •  Kayla Vanderbilt I’m game. XD
  •  Martin van Houwelingen 38 replies in… 24 minutes.
  •  Jason Hosler Replied
  •  Cassi Hills Im active duty navy. what are you calling a bridge officer?
  •  Martin van Houwelingen Cassi Hills, you are a Godsend. currently I am calling them command crew, but I’d love some insights to make it better. By the way, at the moment most of them are LT or LCDR… is that even correct?
  •  Cassi Hills Okay so what rank are you wanting? are they army, navy, marines, or god forbid air force? what is their mission? the big one is the branch tho
  •  Ivor Lee Me, me me!
  •  Madeline Matthews well this is fun.
  •  Cassi Hills oh and think a mix of ranks there should be an officer and a few enlisted. if they are close they will have nicknames. Im also an airdel aka i work on airplanes (navy has more than the air force, and more mobile than any other branch due the ships, planes, and the marines are technically paid by the navy ) So what I know will affect the rates (jobs) and ranks (paygrade)
  •  Cassi Hills also we dont use first names unless we are in civies (non-issued) clothing and only if we know each other on a personal level. Like my close nit group goes by our first names on game nights. but if i went to a get-together with my co-workers i wouldnt call my supervisors josh, kurt, or jon. just to awkward.
  •  Martin van Houwelingen Cassi Hills I already worked last names and rank differences in. There are also nicknames, but is that common, does everyone have one? And who gives you your nickname?
  •  Cassi Hills Hmm well it depends in my shop we really dont have nicknames. we are to uptight as a shop. to many people really. but in the smaller shops. there is a female dubbed skibby cuz her maiden name used to be skibensky. shes married and has a double last name but she still goes by skibby
  •  Sarah Myers nicknames can happen so many different ways… (my husband is active duty too… his best buddy’s nickname was “Pooch”… I feared asking but I think it was because his last name pronuciation)
  •  Cassi Hills and its a group thing. starts out with one guy saying it, usually someone respected and it just catches on. but most higher ranks go by their ranks. Ie AT1, chief, im hills or smalls, we have a guy named Leudecke(LOU-Deck- E), a few call him little dick.
  •  Susanne Ahrens Who could pass this up?
  •  Gwen O’mailey You could use my alias. .
  •  Mike Gillmer Pretty cool of you
  •  Cassidy Dimock This is awesome of you.
  •  Irene Yang use my name. u always need racial diversity.
  •  Catherine Conners You’re welcome to use mine
  •  Mike Harding Can I be in?
  •  Brian Lane Brian James Lane…can I read it?
  •  John William Grigsby IV Use mine if you wish.
  •  Nate Conley Sweet.
  •  Caitlin Simonton I volunteer as tribute
  •  Senna Renae If you’re still looking, I’d be happy to be a background character!
  •  Jamie Mae My name is Jamie Johnson… If you want a very very common name that would be it. There is one in every city. 2 if your lucky lol. My dad is Jim (James) Johnson there is also 1 of those in every city
  •  Jennifer Dublin Interesting.
  •  Donald Gilbert Wickman Jr. Mhmmm, why hello!
  •  Lori DiAnni sounds good!
  •  Aline Doering *waves*
  •  Heather Rebecca Kenniz Ooooo that would be cool since my last name is one I chose based on nordic runes.
  •  Vibhuti Bhandarkar My name is not gender specific and there has been an Indian Naval Ship also by the same name…
  •  Rachel Norman So wait, does that mean all of us would be red shirts? xD
  •  Colleen Lalonde I’m usually too late for these
  •  Martin van Houwelingen I am getting so many good names… this is wonderful.
  •  Karin Panaino Petersen Love this idea
  •  Mel Perry-Luce groovy.
  •  Denice J. DePalma My name is kinda boring but feel free to use it.
  •  Denice J. DePalma Also if we’re all redshirts I demand to be blown up. Explosions are the best.
  •  Pearl Ratkovich Great idea! Don’t think my name would apply though it’s of Serbian origins.
  •  Martin van Houwelingen 42 names… I can write the book twice with these. thanks all. Just a few comments: Pearl Ratkovich, you’d be surprised, I am also looking for exotic names. Denice J. DePalma, can be arranged, Coleen LaLonde, nope, Rachel Norman, I am looking foSee More
  •  Pearl Ratkovich Martin I LOVE YOUR IDEA!!!!! Is it ok if I fangirl because that’s what’s happening right now
  •  Cassi Hills Will do.
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