10 minute Drawing Charlotte Cuevas

So I have this weird little hobby called 10 minute drawing, in which I take a picture and just let go in drawing it, but I only have 10 minutes to do it. If I like what it has become, then sometimes I start to work it, which can take days until I think it is just right, and sometimes it then doesn’t look like the original anymore.

As I saw a new follower to my site, number 37, yeey me, I can haz fans, I just knew I wanted to draw her. It had been a rough day of writing, nearly finished the NaNo challenge of 50.000 words in 30 days while it took me only 10, so yeah, I was looking for a distraction and drawing relaxes me. (more of my drawings can be found here)

I know, it is kind of stalkerish to draw someone without asking, but as I have spent my whole life saying no to things and being afraid, these days I just jump in and do stuff in an attempt to be kind, in the hope the person will appreciate it, and if not then I’m down to 26.

So, this what 10 minutes of my time looks like. And Charlotte, if you don’t like this, then just comment on it that you don’t and I’ll take it down. I am not creepy, I am just weird.

IMG_2703 Charlotte Cuevas

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