Robots go to war

At daybreak a column of twenty Mechs* and nearly a hundred Saters* crossed the city, loaded with just about everything that was not bolted down in the factory. They marched in perfect order, which made windows tremble and woke people from their sleep to come and watch the parade. All of them were war-painted to show that there was no misunderstanding who they were and what they had come to do, and though at first people didn’t know what to make of it, pretty soon they started cheering them on. They were heroes in their own right, defending their home and the homes of the humans living on the same soil. From within the march a Sater started humming monotonely at every left foot placed forward, which quickly picked up among the others and by the time they had reached the docking bay, they were sounding off the full version of the Marseillaise, which because of their sound boxes sounded like a hundred very dedicated children were playing kazoos. All things considering it was not really the best choice for a marching song, it having been the song of the French Rebellion in 1975, because it gave away the entire plan of what they were about to do, but because of the spectacle it gave, nobody seemed to notice.

I just wish I could tweet things like this. 🙂

It would sound a little like this, times 100. 😛

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