Mech’s and Saters – Exodus of Mars

I just like my brain sometimes.

As he watched, a small reconnaissance vehicle sent up a dusty plume and zooming in on it, he recognized it carried a folded Mechanoid in the back loader. Mech’s, as they generally were called, were autonomous semi-intelligent robots, originally designed for heavy lifting as fully erect they stood about two meters tall on their cloven hooves and double jointed knees, much like a goat, and were incredibly strong and able to endure much more than any human could. Though a smaller, less powerful, version called the Satyr had been introduced for common household purposes people had never taken to them as the robots seemed keen on doing things their own way, like deciding it would be much more practical to have a doorway from the kitchen to the dining room where there was none and therefore repeatedly bang it’s fists against the wall at two AM in the morning out of sheer frustration. But still Satyrs were kept for more practical purposes as they were reliable in their own way when it came to secure delivery of packages in urban settings as long as one would let them figure out how to get there. People generally gave the Satyrs a wide berth as sudden bouts of shameless aggression was just one of the possible effects when it was blocked and in turn the Satyrs kept off the foot-traffic paths as much as they could and kept up with public transport on the main lane. Over time, as humanity came to grow accustomed to them, they were actually were found to be the cause for the renewed common courtesy of keeping lanes open for others to pass and not double park and block up lanes.


Actually, Saters are so much fun I might give one a short story or novel all to it’s self. I am just scared it will be a more violent version of the 80s movie Short Circuit (which to me was just the original Wall-E)


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