Weddings and Funerals

I have just edited a funeral scene in Children of the Moon (soon to come out, keep coming back for updates) and I do wonder why people want weddings and funerals as if they were kings and queens? I mean, what’s the point? Is it really worth it to spend a small fortune on one occasion for which you have saved and scraped and will be in debt for years to come?

Personally, when we get married, we have already decided that it will be a small informal gathering to sign for it at the local registry, and then there will be a party with good food and drink with friends. No bullshit, no dresses costing a fortune, no holiday to some Caribbean paradise. We know we love each other and that is enough. We’d rather spend our money in the here and now than to save it at some bank who will invest with it and make loads of money or go belly-up because of it.

Same goes for funerals. Did you know that funerals are highly overpriced and give service where it is totally not needed? There is no need for embalming! Embalming was invented so that soldiers could be shipped home and still be reasonably presentable after a months trip. We don’t need it. An expensive chest of display the body in? What an I, a trophy that needs a case? Headstone of marble costing a small fortune with a special phrase carved in it? Are you kidding me?

No, when it is my time then load me in a card-board box, preferably one that has been recycled, and push me into an oven. Anyone who wants can get a vial of my ashes, and a body gives 2 kilo’s of ashes so there will be lots to go around and do with it what they like. But don’t put it on a mantelpiece to grieve over. Spread me anywhere! Let me fly while riding the biggest roller-coaster around or put me in a drink as a joke to play on a friend. I wont care as I would already be dead, but I would be the pun or at least the means of a last joke, a last ride with friends. That would be a much better ending than years of grief.

The only thing that should be spent a lot on is the bill that comes after all my friends have had a wild night of debauchery and alcohol.

Make it count. Both in life and in death, make it mean something.

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