Selling Books (and Public Relations)

These days it is tricky as a self-published author, or actually as any author, to get your book noticed, let alone sold, and don’t even get me started how to get bookshops to stock them. Publishing as it is is weary, reeling from the shift from old publishing to new publishing. Though no one really knows what the future of publishing will be, I have my own thoughts on this (which I have all placed in my own booklet ‘Sipping from the Writing Well, available at Amazon’s just about everywhere :P).

But all that doesn’t help getting your book sold.

Blogging hardly works anymore, not even your Facebooks posts generate some public interest, as marketing has killed the interest of the people. The audience is tired of being bombarded with slogans, jungles and catch-phrases. So how do you still get to sell your books? This is where ‘new marketing’ comes in.

Awareness for the book is paramount. People need to know it exists be come interested. But with so many books out there on so many topics, how can you get them to buy yours? The answer is actually frightfully simple. Interact with them.

Talk to them. You yourself or someone you trust has to go looking for groups on FB and LinkedIn who talk about the topic your book is about and promote it indirectly there. Don’t go ‘Buy My Book!’ because those things are generally ignored or you will get booted, but start talking on the topics presented, agree with people or, but be careful, present your opinion about the topic.

When your name has become known, which takes about a month of once a week posting on topics, start a topic of your own, aiming at the center of your book, but again, DON’T name the book. Keep leave comments, show that you are aware of the situation (what ever it is) and here and there note that a named topic is so like what you wrote in your book. Don’t name it, just mention it. In turn someone  will ask for more information about your book and only THEN you start posting the link to your personal site where they can read about it more. You do NOT post the buy link to Amazon or you WILL be ignored.

Only on your own site will you hit them with the buy link to Smash or Amazon or where ever, but only under a piece of text explaining what your book is about and your intentions for writing it.

If you really have the gonads and don’t really care about your income but are all about getting your book read, then on your site or one step before that under the post asking for it (!! and not sooner !!) the link to where people can download the Ebook for free. IN the Ebook on the front and last page you implore people to, if you liked the book, to buy an actual copy and support the writer.


The ‘Make Friends, then Customers’ new-marketing approach is the only thing that really works nowadays. It takes a lot of work, and any decent agent will gladly take this workload from you for a very sizable fee, but if you are a true DIY like me, this is, I think, the way to go.


More tips like this about writing, publishing and using modern media can be found in the book ‘Sipping from the Writing Well’.

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