Teach your Children Manners

I know this is most likely not what you came here to read, but still I want to put up this post as the topic annoys the hell out of me sometimes.

This afternoon, in a quiet cafe/coffee house, I was constantly bothered by children running wild while both mothers quietly discussed their whatevers over coffee, completely ignoring the rants and ravings of their offspring.

I want to stress this: A Cafe Is Not A Playground! Either teach your children some manners on how to behave in a public place, take some personal responsibility and teach them on the spot, or don’t bring them at all! You, parent, you are not alone in this world and ignoring your child at home might seem like a sound strategy for you, but in a public place you are personally responsible for your annoying children! Yes, I said it, Personally Responsible as below the legal age of aduthood, YOU are responsible for EVERYTHING your tike does. It is NOT OK for it to scream, yell and run around like a monkey on speed and throw stuff around. If need be put a damn leash on the monster. Ignoring their behavior won’t make them a responsible adult.

Look, I get it. You deerly love your little monsters, but at times you’d just wish you could ductape them to the wall for just an hour to have some peace and quiet to sleep or talk to someone with a higher level than the recent program of Sesamestreet. I know you want to chat with your girlfriend to have at least a basic feeling that your life is not over after pushing a ratrug from your loins, but basically it IS over until you can get this raging annoyance into a school of some sorts and you can get on with your life doing whatever you were doing before you created this spawn.

I have chosen not to have children. Don’t make your children my problem, because I deal with my problems. So please, don’t ignore yours. I for one am a firm believer in the following.

Children Left Unattended


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