Children of the Moon

Well, it’s official… the basic story for Children of the Moon, prequel to Foothold of Tethys is finished.

Here is the current cover:



The story follows Danielle Andrews  in one of the darkest times for the people living under a dome on the Moon, the death of the first child born on the Moon. Being discovered as a genius in data-analysis by Miles Davies, they go into business together and she climbs to fame and a life she could not have dreamed of. But when Miles suddenly disappears, Danielle is hauled in for questioning and the dark side of the Moon shows it’s face.


The story itself holds a mild ‘epic arch’ without great heroics, but is a story about people banding together to live and better themselves, unknowingly being instrumental in paving the way for the creation of the Tethys space station around which Foothold of Tethys revolves and the Mars Colony which will be the stage in the next and final part: ‘Exodus of Mars‘. This book deals with topics as class inequality and military control run by corporate superiority to suppress the working masses, and the decisions one has to make to hold on to what they have, sometimes gambling it all for something better.


In Exodus of Mars, the last part of the trilogy, I will try to build in the science described in the previous two books, but will venture into what I call ‘future fiction‘ with the introduction of a couple of interesting new characters as well as a couple of old ones, and a lot more action and gunfire.

My next post will be a little peek into this story, the first few pages I have already written.


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